Friends of Suffield    Suffield, CT 
2019 Upcoming Activities

March - Collect Grant Requests

April 6 - Easter Event at Spaulding School

May - Grant Awards

June - FOS Team Dinner


Friends of Suffield Member Events


           We are always looking for fresh ideas for new and improved activities to make our community an even better place and our club Fun. We foster a supportive club spirit that results in Friends that last forever. 

Come, listen and see if we might collaborate on something that you think is important or is simply 'just fun'. Then you can participate or maybe you rather lead and we HELP YOU make something happen you are passionate about!

You can call Stephanie Dolan at 860-930-0008 
Becky Tobiasz at 860-805-9517
email us at

Hardcopy information can be mailed to 

Friends Of Suffield


Suffield, CT 06078

We'd love for you to participate and contribute ideas on how to continue making both the Suffield community and our FOS group the best!

We meet 2nd Tuesday of the month.

March 12th at 6:30pm at 3 Stephanie Dolan's home. 


Contact Stephanie Dolan at 860-930-0008 with any questions. 

        Come have some Fun with us!  

Come enjoy food, drink and friends;

The type of Friends who will become

'friends for life'.